Pianoconcert: Tretiakova & del Burgo - 19/05 om 18u

Pianoconcert by Valeria Tretiakova & Ángel Martín del Burgo

Valeria Tretiakova & Ángel Martín del Burgo



-R. Schumann (1810-1854): Arabeske in C-major, Op.18 (1839).

-R. Schumann (1810-1854): Fantasie in C-major, Op.17 (1836):

  1. Durchaus fantastisch und leidenschaftlich vorzutragen; Im Legenden-Ton
  2. Mäßig. Durchaus energisch

III. Langsam getragen. Durchweg leise zu halten

-A. Scriabin (1872-1915): Piano Sonata No.5, op.53 (1907).

Ángel Martín del Burgo, piano.



-S. Rachmaninoff (1873-1943): Variations on a Theme of Corelli, Op.42 (1931).

Arenskij Impromptu H-Dur op. 25 N1.

-R. Schumann (1810-1854): Carnaval, Op.9 (1835):

 Préambule. Pierrot. Arlequin. Valse noble. Eusebius. Florestan. Replique. Papillons. A.S.C.H. S.C.H.A. (Lettres Dansantes). Chiarina. Chopin. Estrella. Reconnaissance. Pantalon et Colombine. Valse allemande. Paganini. Aveu. Promenade. Pause. Marche des “Davidsbündler” contre les Philistins.

Valeria Tretiakova, piano.


Valeria Tretiakova

Valeria Tretiakova was born in 1995 in Ekaterinburg (Russia) into a family of musicians. She started playing piano at the age of 5, and at 6 she entered the Mussorgsky Ural College of Music within the class of the deserving Russian artist Prof. Valery Shkarupa. At the age of 10 Valeria started her high performing activity. Her name appears in the “Russian collection of encyclopaedias of children’s achievements”. Since 2011 Valeria continued her studies at the Tchaikovsky School of Music in the class of the deserving Russian artist Prof. Nadezhda Atlas. In 2018 she completed a Bachelor’s program at the Anton Bruckner Universität (Linz, Austria) in the class of the perpetrator pianist Prof. Michael Korstick. In 2019 she graduated from the University in Chelyabinsk (Russia) in the class of the deserving artist of Russia Prof. E. Levitan.

Valeria has attended master classes with many outstanding pianists such as A. Skavronsky, A. Nasedkin, M. Voskresensky, W. Manz, B. Goetzke, M. Gambaryan, A. Mndoyants, V. Ovchinnikov, C. Palese, A. Kurtnev etc.

Valeria is the winner of international competitions, received some scholarships such us a Scholarship from the Ministry of Culture of the Ural Region; Scholarship of the International Foundation “New Names”; a scholarship holder of the A. Nasedkin Summer Piano Academy LA-FA etc. and performed at international stages in Russia, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium. In April 2022 she was awarded a scholarship from King Baudouin Foundation, including the amount of 10.000 euros for her further music education.

In June 2022 Valeria graduated with Honours from the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp (Belgium) in the class of the outstanding pianist prof. S Edelman.

Ángel Martín del Burgo

Spanish pianist Ángel Martín del Burgo (1996) devotes himself to music, composition and literature.

He currently is a student at Antwerpen (Belgium), within the prestigious class of Sergei Edelmann, heir of the pianistic legacy of F. Blumenfeld and H. Neuhaus. Some other of his main influences have been artists such as J. Soriano, C. Viana, M. Gurkova, B. Vlahek, E. Aguado, S. Mariné, B. Aprea, A. Moshkov and O. Vilkomirskaia.

Awarded with distinctions from the Miguel Ángel Colmenero Foundation, he has won Prizes at the National Competition for Young Pianists “City of Albacete” (Jeunesses Musicales), Competition “City of Carlet”, IX Chamber Music Competition “City of Ávila” (Jeunesses Musicales), Katarina Gurska Foundation Competition and the 5th International Turniej Kameralny of Bydgoszcz (Poland).

He has played as a soloist with orchestras such as the Orquesta del Real Sitio, Orquesta Sinfónica Amaniel, Joven Orquesta Leonesa, JOPM, Sonor Ensemble, Ensemble Galilei or Ensemble OnOff, working with conductors Borja Quintas, Luis Aguirre, Pablo Andoni, Teresa Riveiro Böhm, Daniel Montes, Jorge Nicolás, Jaime Casper, Juan Ignacio Perea, and Alberto García. Devoting himself as well to the performance of chamber music, he holds a Duo with violinist Sofía Navarro and integrates the Trio 1900, besides having offered concerts together with A. Yaroshinsky, P. P. Cámara, Carlos Marín or the legendary pianist Maria Joao Pires.

A student of Philosophy, he has written essay (magazine Paideía and Incipit Philosophia publishing house), he has been included in poetry anthologies (Casapaís) and he has published the poem books Y en el aire, los adioses, Según contaba el molinero, Los amores de madera and Amor como el pájaro, besides the theatre play El idiota, written in partnership with Ángela Martín del Burgo.

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